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Thesis public defense

name firstname thesis promoter copromoter defense defense_place affiliation
MissaultKevinLymphocytes T anti-tumoraux dans les carcinomes mammaires primitifs; extension aux lymphocytes T CD4+ et aux carcinomes in situPierre Coulie2022-07-01UCL
AyamaSophiePACMAN: Characterization of the migratory phenotype of cancer cells selected on IGDQ-expressing surfacePr Carine MichielsPr Davide Bonifazi2020-01-06UNamurUNamur
AssabbanAssiyaTristetraprolin expression by keratinocytes could play a key role in the control of inflammation and tumorigenesis.Léo OberdanGoriely Stanislas2019-10-01ULB
ServaisLaurenceStudy of the mechanisms underlying the antitumoral effect of the antiplatelet drug clopidogrel in a mouse model of colitis-associated cancerCécile OuryAndré Gothot2017-09-30ULg
LancelotCélineStudy of the lack of regeneration and fibrosis FacioScapuloHumeral muscular DystrophyF. Coppée2017-09-30UMons
MichauxHélèneMechanisms of Igf2 inhibition in thymic epithelial cells infected with CVB4 E2Vincent Geenen2017-06-30ULg
NajemAhmadMelanogenesis in melanoma progression and therapyProf. Ghanem GhanemFabrice Journee2017-05-01ULB
PushpamaliDe SilvaThe role of transcription factor Foxp1 in the immune response to breast cancerProf. Martine PiccartDr. Karen Willard-Gallo2017-03-07ULB
WiedigmurielleMelanoma resistanceProf GhanemDr Journe2017-01-08ULB
DreesmanAlexandraDevelopment and evaluation of new diagnostic tests for pediatric tuberculosisProf F MascartProf A Malfroot2017-01-03BrusselsULB
WautersArmelleCaveolar protein defects in FSHDAlexandra Belayew2016-09-30UMons
AnsciauxEmilieCaractérisation in vitro et in vivo de nanoparticules d’oxyde de fer fonctionnalisées par des peptides, destinées au diagnostic par IRM de la maladie d’Alzheimer et capables de traverser la barrière hémato-encéphaliqueCarmen BurteaRobert Muller2015-09-0715h, VésaleUMons
RogerPierrereprésentant ULB NA1984-08-31ULB
HougardyCharlotteRôle de hyal-1 dans le cancer du seinBruno FlamionMarielle Boonen0000-00-00UNamur
HahautVincentStudy of non-coding viral transcripts in deltaretrovirus induced leukemiaMichel GeorgesAnne Van den Broeke0000-00-00ULg
AndréSéverineDéveloppement d'une stratégie moléculaire de diagnostic et de traitement de la maladie d'AlzheimerCarmen BurteaSophie Laurent0000-00-00UMons
CrombezDeborahDéveloppement d'un agoniste du récepteur à l'adiponectine pour la thérapie du diabète de type 2 et du syndrome métaboliqueBurtea CarmenRobert Muller0000-00-00UMons
FanfoneDeborahApproche théranostique du cancer thyroidien par ciblage peptidique de la galectine-1Carmen BurteaRobert Muller0000-00-00UMons
PecenkoSylviaThe role of regulatory B cells in the breast cancer immune infiltrateKaren Willard-Gallo0000-00-00ULB
LiénartStéphanieInhibition of active TGF-beta production by Tregs in vivoS. Lucas0000-00-00UCL
LeroyEmilieMolecular basis of JAK2 V617F activationStefan Constantinescu0000-00-00UCL
Ait DjebbaraSarraCaractérisation de l’effet adjuvant / immunomodulateur d’une protéine de Trypanosoma cruzi sur la réponse immunitaire néonataleProf. Carine Truyens0000-00-00ULB
HanoteauAurelieCyclophosphamide treatment potentiates the immune response to a mutated tumor antigenPr. Muriel MoserPr. Oberdan Leo0000-00-00ULB
BricardOrianGDF15 mechanism of action in melanomaPierre Coulie0000-00-00UCL
SchneiderKarolinImmune response in HPV-positive head and neck squamous cell carcinoma as a mechanism for increased efficacy of radiotherapyVincent GrégoirePierre Coulie0000-00-00UCL
LecomteSaraIdentification of proteins that cooperate with GARP in TGF-beta activation by human regulatory T lymphocytes.Sophie Lucas0000-00-00UCL
CollinAmandineImpaired secretory immunoglobulin A and mucosal immunity in cystic fibrosisCharles Pilette0000-00-00UCL
LopesAlessandratowards new strategies to improve DNA cancer vaccine performancePréatVandermeulen0000-00-00UCL
HoffmannDeliaInduction of TDO2 in tumorsBenoît Van den EyndeLuc Pilotte0000-00-00UCL
EL ABBASSOPHIEStudy of RABGEF1 in mucosal immunologyThomas Marichal0000-00-00ULg
BigirimanaRenéChronic stimulation and T cell dysfunctionPierre van der Bruggen0000-00-00UCL
FerrariVioletteProcessing and presentation of TAP-independent peptides recognized by anti-tumor cytolytic T lymphocytesBenoit Van den Eynde0000-00-00UCL
JoannaAbi HabibProduction d'antigènes tumoraux par les sous-types de protéasomes présents dans le thymus: implications pour l'établissement d'un répertoire de cellules T anti-tumoralesBenoît Van den EyndeNathalie Vigneron 0000-00-00UCL
LambertFannyModulation of the production of active TGF-ß by regulatory T cells using antibodies against complex GARP/TGFßSophie Lucas0000-00-00UCL
Gabriellevan CaloenPreclinical and clinical CDK4/6 inhibition for Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck (SCCHN)Pr. Machiels0000-00-00UCL
OrsiMicaelaMyeloid immunosuppressive cells in early peritoneal responses to mesotheliogenic CNTFrançois Huaux0000-00-00UCL
Despoina KERSELIDOIStudy of the role of EXT1 protein in health and diseaseJean-Claude TwizereFranck Dequiedt 0000-00-00ULg
ScheinokSamanthaSpin trapping du superoxide mitochondrialGallez B.Sonveaux P.0000-00-00UCL
MiglioriEdoardoThe importance of CD4+ follicular helper T cells and tertiary lymphoid structures in the anti-tumor immune response to breast cancerPiccartWillard-Gallo0000-00-00ULB
GodfroidAdrienÉtude du métabolisme de la cellule tumorale et son microenvironnement dans la progression cancéreuse et dans la réponse aux traitementsNor Eddine Sounni0000-00-00ULg
DurieuxFlorenceMethyglyoxal and tumor progressionAkeila BellahcèneVincent Castronovo0000-00-00ULg
DheurMarie-SophieFunctional characterization of T lymphocytes in cutaneous metastases of human melanomaPierre Coulie0000-00-00UCL
HennequartMarcunmasking the signalling pathways responsible for indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) constitutive expression in human cancer cells.Etienne De PlaenBenoit Van den Eynde0000-00-00UCL
HendrickElodieCompensatory Metabolism Promotes Cancer Cell Adaptation to HDAC5 Silencing Denis Mottet0000-00-00ULg
MarxSébastienIdentification of chemosensibilizing compounds, inhibiting the TMEM45A proteinPr Johan Wouters Pr carine Michiels0000-00-00UNamur
ToutfaireMarieInteraction between senescent fibroblasts and skin cancer cellsF. Debacq-ChainiauxO. Toussaint0000-00-00UNamur
GenardGéraldineInteractions between co-cultured cancer cells and macrophages after proton beam irradiationCarine MichielsStéphane Lucas0000-00-00UNamur
WenricStephaneIntegrative multi-omics analysis of human cancerVincent BoursGuy Jerusalem0000-00-00ULg
DUPONTLauraADAMTS2, 3 and 14 in tumor progression, angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesisAlain Colige0000-00-00ULg
MBONIMANYAEvaluation de l’activité antiplasmodiale des extraits des plantes réputées antipaludéennes en usage à Bukavu et à UviraProfesseur Caroline StévignyProfesseur Pierre Duez0000-00-00ULB
LEDUCCédricCharacterization of ADAMTS 2, 3 and 14A. COLIGE0000-00-00ULg
BlackmanMarineHypoxia in the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironmentB. Van den Eynde0000-00-00UCL
PenninckxSébastienStudy of ROS formation and their involvement in cell death after gold nanoparticle irradiation by fast-ion beamsStéphane LucasCarine Michiels0000-00-00UNamur
LernouxManonRole of the interaction between hTERT and c-Myc in the activation of senescence by epigenetic modulators in cancersCarine MichielsMarc Diederich0000-00-00UNamur
SarahhanacheHDACi & metabolismDenis Mottet0000-00-00ULg
CanaleAnnalisaStudy of new epigenetic proteins, the TET enzymes, in breast cancersAgnes NoelFrançois Fuks 0000-00-00ULg
SerroukhYasminaTranscriptional and epigenetic regulation of human CD4 lymphocyte cytotoxic functionsArnaud MarchantStanislas Goriely0000-00-00ULB
DetienneSophieIdentification des mécanismes cellulaires et moléculaires impliqués dans le mode d'action des adjuvants de type saponineS.Goriely0000-00-00ULB
SmolenKingaVaccine AdjuvantsWillems0000-00-00ULB
StefkovaMartinRegulation of CD4 T-cell repertoire breadth by regulatory T cells in vivo Muriel MoserOberdan Leo0000-00-00ULB
PotembergGeorgesThe Study of the cell cycle of the bacteria Brucella melitensis in vivoXavier de BolleEric Muraille0000-00-00UNamur
D'AriaStefaniametabolism of tumor infiltrating lymphocytesmichel braun0000-00-00ULB
WeichselbaumLauraDeciphering the cellular and molecular mechanisms of innate immune cell dysfunction in cirrhotic patientsStanislas GorielyThierry Gustot0000-00-00ULB
PollenusThomasStudy of the crosstalk between VEGF and BMP9 pathway in the context of Hereditary Hemorrhagic TelangiectasiaStruman Ingrid0000-00-00ULg
PerezJenniferMechanisms underlying microRNA export to exosomesIngrid Struman0000-00-00ULg
AnciauxMaëlleRôle du facteur de transcription c-Maf dans les régulation des réponses immunes humorales par les lymphocytes T auxiliaires folliculairesFabienne Andris0000-00-00ULB
PapadopoulouMariaTraining of neonatal Vγ9Vδ2 T cellsDavid Vermijlen0000-00-00ULB
DederenStellaStudy of cell communication via microRNA between endothelial and tumoral cells during anti-cancer neoadjuvant therapyIngrid Struman0000-00-00ULg
AZOUZAbdulkader-Stanislas GORIELY0000-00-00ULB
AlalufEmmanuelleImplication de l'hème oxygénase-1 myéloïde dans l'échappement à la réponse anti-tumoraleLe Moine Alain0000-00-00ULB
HansenSylvainAge-related macular degenerationPascal de TullioVincent Lambert0000-00-00ULg
ZucchiAlessandroImmune response to trypanosoma cruziProfessor Carine Truyens0000-00-00ULB
GivordCharlotteDeciphering the signaling pathways involved in the immunostimulatory properties of the adjuvant system AS03.Stanislas Goriely0000-00-00ULB
HeninCoralieEtude des effets immunomodulateurs du cyclophosphamide dans un modèle tumoral murinMuriel Moser0000-00-00ULB
DucheminAmandineRôle d’HDAC5 dans le mécanisme de maintenance des télomères des cellules ALT+Denis MottetAnabelle Decottignies0000-00-00ULg
EskalliZinebRole of H2O2 in thyroid physiopathology: Generation of a transgenic mouse model overexpressing IL-4 and the NADPH oxydase, Duox1, in the thyroid.Xavier De DekenFrançoise Miot0000-00-00ULB
SchröderDavidImmunogenicity assessment of antigens originating from genetic instability of non metastatic breast tumors.COULIE Pierre0000-00-00UCL
van marckecedricIdentification of new germline genetic alterations in patients with hereditary breast cancer François Duhoux Miikka Vikkula 0000-00-00UCL
FontaineMarieEtude de la communication cellules endothéliales-péricytes via les microARN et de son impact dans l'angiogenèseIngrid Struman0000-00-00ULg
ArtsFlorenceCharacterization of new PDGF receptor mutations in myofibromatosisJean-Baptiste Demoulin0000-00-00UCL
ClausMelissamiRNAs and tyrosine kinases in leukemiaViolaine HavelangeJean Baptiste Demoulin0000-00-00UCL
CarpentierCarolineAmélioration des stratégies diagnostiques et thérapeutiques pour le syndrome hyperéosinophliqueFlorence Roufosse0000-00-00ULB
WéraOdileStudy of the role of P2X1 receptors in inflammation-associated thrombosis : a potential target for a novel anti-thrombotic strategy.Cécile OuryPatrizio Lancellotti0000-00-00ULg
BellierJustineDicarbonyl stress in relation with the KRAS gene mutation in colorectal cancerAkeila BellahcèneVincent Castronovo0000-00-00ULg
DedobbeleerOlivierStudy of the expression and function of GARP in human cellsSophie Lucas0000-00-00UCL
Di RuggieroElodieUtilizing zebrafish dor new insights into roles of chemerin in cancer biologyValérie WittamerMarc Parmentier0000-00-00ULB
DumontElodieDevelopment of SERS nanosensors for the detection of active molecules in biological matrices Pr Ph. Hubert Dr E. Ziemons0000-00-00ULg
GallezAnneImpact d'une combinaison oestro-progestative à base d'estétrol sur le développement tumoral mammaire, la dissémination métastatique et le microenvironnement tumoralChristel PéqueuxAgnès Noel0000-00-00ULg
Van den BroekeAnneNRNRNR0000-00-00-ULB
DerenneAlineContribution au développement de nanoparticules pour une thérapie ciblée au muscle squelettiqueDr Frédérique Coppée0000-00-00UMons
TieppoPaolaThe role of hematopoietic stem cell type on the development of human anticancer gd T cellsDavid Vermijlen0000-00-00ULB
CarlierFrançoisReprogramming the epithelium in COPD(temporary)Pr Ch. PilettePr Y. Sibille0000-00-00UCL
DetavernierAurélieStudy of Interleukin (IL)27 expression regulation.Stanislas GorielyOberdan Leo0000-00-00ULB
AugenlichtAliceFunctional and diagnostic characterization of microRNAs in the tumorigenesis and tumor progression of papillary thyroid cancerCarine Maenhaut0000-00-00ULB
RomoaldoGilsonIdentification et quantification de biomarqueurs salivaires d'états emotionnelsBertrand blankertJean Marie colet 0000-00-00UMons
SEMINERIOImeldaInvolvement of human papillomavirus in the biology of head and neck cancersSven SAUSSEZ0000-00-00UMons
WautersMathildeEtude du trafic intra- et extracellulaire de la protéine Tau monomérique phosphorylée et non phosphorylée au sein de cultures corticales et toxicité synaptique associéeLaurence RisFrédérique Coppée0000-00-00UMons
ArcoliaVanessaGalectin-1 as a diagnostic marker involved in thyroid cancer progressionSven Saussez0000-00-00UMons
RinchonAdelineNeuroinflammation and hippocampal synaptic plasticity during the course of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitisLaurence Ris0000-00-00UMons
GloireMélanieReciprocal influence between APP expression and glucose metabolism in the hippocampusLaurence Ris0000-00-00UMons
GheysenLaetitiaTargeted treatment in thyroid cancerSven SaussezFabrice Journe0000-00-00UMons
VirginieDUDOMERôle de la chémérine dans un modèle de dysfonctionnement musculaire induit par un régime gras. Approche in vitro et in vivoAnne-Emilie DECLEVES0000-00-00UMons
DaweiChenDeciphering the role of lipid transpoters in the Wnt-driven tumor initiation in the intestineAlain Chariot0000-00-00ULg
DaweiChenDeciphering the role of lipid transporters in Wnt-driven tumor initiation in the intestineAlain Chariot0000-00-00ULg
DaemsNoamiHybrid gold nanoparticles coated with organic polymers and antibodies as a platform for cancer theranostics: Cytotoxicity assessment and radioactive dopingProf. Dr. Stéphane Lucas & Dr. Ir. An AertsProf. Dr. Carine Michiels and Dr. Simone Cagno0000-00-00UNamur
DemelenneAliceMicrofluidic electrodriven approaches for the analysis of pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticalsFillet Marianne0000-00-00ULg
DEVAUXALIXImmunotherapy in primitive breast carcinomaPierre CoulieJavier Carrasco0000-00-00UCL
DevalckeneerAudedéveloppement de modèles invertébrés pour l'évaluation et le monitoring du risque sanitaire dans le cadre de la pollutionJean-Marie Colet0000-00-00UMons
SchepkensCorentin1H-NMR-based metabonomic study of the endo-/lysosomal proteostasis in cancer and neurodegeneration - Specific case of transcriptional factor SREBPJean-Marie Colet Johannes Swinnen0000-00-00UMons
DallonsMatthieuMiR-1 dans la cardiotoxicité de la doxorubicineJean-Marie Colet0000-00-00UMons
BertrandCharlotteBloquer l'activation du TGF-b1 par GARP dans les Tregs : une nouvelle approche d'immunothérapie du cancerSophie Lucas0000-00-00UCL
DoixBastienImmunogenic cell death induction by anticancer photodynamic therapy to enhance radiation-induced immune responsePr. Olivier FeronPr. V Grégoire0000-00-00UCL
HancisseOlivierHétérogénéitié dans les cancers thyroïdiens papillaires Carine Maenhaut0000-00-00ULB
CarlierEmericDevelopment of 3D printing implants for sustained-release antibody administrationGoole Jonathan0000-00-00ULB
BellefroidMarineLe role des ADAMs dans la physiopathlogie du mésothéliomeDidier CataldoNatacha Rocks0000-00-00ULg
VanwynsbergheAlineTarget a TF/EMT axis in early metastasisChristine Gilles0000-00-00ULg
EbroinMarieActivation des cellules endothéliales lymphatiques par les cellules tumoralesAgnès Noël0000-00-00ULg
GourgueFlorianObésité & cancer du sein : rôle de l’adipokine apeline dans la progression tumorale et la réponse aux thérapies anti-cancéreusesBénédicte JordanPatrice Cani0000-00-00UCL
LatgéGuillaumeRôle des ARN non-codants dans la régulation de l'expression de p14, p15 et p16 dans le cancer du sein hormono-dépendantVincent BoursGuy Jerusalem0000-00-00ULg
FarhatkhalilImmune response to vaccine against and infection by Streptococcus pneumoniae in Ghrh-/- miceVincent GEENENHenri MARTENS0000-00-00ULg
Merli Angela-MariaCaractérisation de profils protéiques associés à la dysplasie colique dans les maladies inflammatoires intestinalesEdouard LouisMarie-Alice Meuwis0000-00-00ULg
langouo fontsamireille dianeRole of follicular helper T cells on breast cancer immunity Piccart Martine0000-00-00ULB
SchoonjansCélinePDK inhibitors to block tumor cell proliferation: Rationale for combined treatment strategies counteracting compensatory mechanisms that sustain tumor growth.Bernard GallezOlivier Feron0000-00-00UCL
Al DelbanyDianaInflammatory chemokines in skin cancerMarc Parmentier0000-00-00ULB
MissaultKevin Lymphocytes T anti-tumoraux dans les carcinomes mammaires primitifs; extension aux lymphocytes T CD4+ et aux carcinomes in situPierre Coulie0000-00-00UCL
DegotteGillesDesign, synthesis and biological evalutation of new antiplasmodial compounds related to ellagic acid.Pr M. FrederichDr P. Francotte0000-00-00ULg
DenyMaudRole of micro-RNAs in gender dimorphism of the inflammatory responseChamekh M.Casimir G.0000-00-00ULB
ManiniGiuseppeRéalisation d'une forme implantable de palmitate de palipéridone amorphe par impression 3DProf. Jonathan GooleJean-Marie Raquez0000-00-00ULB
MenchiElenaDevelopment and evaluation of inhaled formulations comprising a combination of active pharmaceutical ingredients in the treatment of asthma and COPDProf. Karim AmighiProf. Nathalie Wauthoz0000-00-00ULB
DelbartWendyContribution to the understanding of radionuclide therapy with 177Lu-DOTATATE :Patrick Flamen0000-00-00ULB
HuartCamille Reprogramming tumour-associated macrophages with proton irradiation to boost the effects of immunotherapy in pancreatic cancer Prof. C. Michiels0000-00-00UNamur