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Thesis public defense

name firstname thesis promoter copromoter defense defense_place affiliation
MissaultKevinLymphocytes T anti-tumoraux dans les carcinomes mammaires primitifs; extension aux lymphocytes T CD4+ et aux carcinomes in situPierre Coulie2022-07-01UCL
AyamaSophiePACMAN: Characterization of the migratory phenotype of cancer cells selected on IGDQ-expressing surfacePr Carine MichielsPr Davide Bonifazi2020-01-06UNamurUNamur
AssabbanAssiyaTristetraprolin expression by keratinocytes could play a key role in the control of inflammation and tumorigenesis.Léo OberdanGoriely Stanislas2019-10-01ULB
NajemAhmadMelanogenesis in melanoma progression and therapyProf. Ghanem GhanemFabrice Journee2017-05-01ULB
PushpamaliDe SilvaThe role of transcription factor Foxp1 in the immune response to breast cancerProf. Martine PiccartDr. Karen Willard-Gallo2017-03-07ULB
DreesmanAlexandraDevelopment and evaluation of new diagnostic tests for pediatric tuberculosisProf F MascartProf A Malfroot2017-01-03BrusselsULB
RogerPierrereprésentant ULB NA1984-08-31ULB
HougardyCharlotteRôle de hyal-1 dans le cancer du seinBruno FlamionMarielle Boonen0000-00-00UNamur
HahautVincentStudy of non-coding viral transcripts in deltaretrovirus induced leukemiaMichel GeorgesAnne Van den Broeke0000-00-00ULg
AndréSéverineDéveloppement d'une stratégie moléculaire de diagnostic et de traitement de la maladie d'AlzheimerCarmen BurteaSophie Laurent0000-00-00UMons
PecenkoSylviaThe role of regulatory B cells in the breast cancer immune infiltrateKaren Willard-Gallo0000-00-00ULB
LiénartStéphanieInhibition of active TGF-beta production by Tregs in vivoS. Lucas0000-00-00UCL
LeroyEmilieMolecular basis of JAK2 V617F activationStefan Constantinescu0000-00-00UCL
Ait DjebbaraSarraCaractérisation de l’effet adjuvant / immunomodulateur d’une protéine de Trypanosoma cruzi sur la réponse immunitaire néonataleProf. Carine Truyens0000-00-00ULB
SchneiderKarolinImmune response in HPV-positive head and neck squamous cell carcinoma as a mechanism for increased efficacy of radiotherapyVincent GrégoirePierre Coulie0000-00-00UCL
LecomteSaraIdentification of proteins that cooperate with GARP in TGF-beta activation by human regulatory T lymphocytes.Sophie Lucas0000-00-00UCL
CollinAmandineImpaired secretory immunoglobulin A and mucosal immunity in cystic fibrosisCharles Pilette0000-00-00UCL
LopesAlessandratowards new strategies to improve DNA cancer vaccine performancePréatVandermeulen0000-00-00UCL
HoffmannDeliaInduction of TDO2 in tumorsBenoît Van den EyndeLuc Pilotte0000-00-00UCL
EL ABBASSOPHIEStudy of RABGEF1 in mucosal immunologyThomas Marichal0000-00-00ULg
BigirimanaRenéChronic stimulation and T cell dysfunctionPierre van der Bruggen0000-00-00UCL
FerrariVioletteProcessing and presentation of TAP-independent peptides recognized by anti-tumor cytolytic T lymphocytesBenoit Van den Eynde0000-00-00UCL
JoannaAbi HabibProduction d'antigènes tumoraux par les sous-types de protéasomes présents dans le thymus: implications pour l'établissement d'un répertoire de cellules T anti-tumoralesBenoît Van den EyndeNathalie Vigneron 0000-00-00UCL
LambertFannyModulation of the production of active TGF-ß by regulatory T cells using antibodies against complex GARP/TGFßSophie Lucas0000-00-00UCL
Gabriellevan CaloenPreclinical and clinical CDK4/6 inhibition for Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck (SCCHN)Pr. Machiels0000-00-00UCL
OrsiMicaelaMyeloid immunosuppressive cells in early peritoneal responses to mesotheliogenic CNTFrançois Huaux0000-00-00UCL
Despoina KERSELIDOIStudy of the role of EXT1 protein in health and diseaseJean-Claude TwizereFranck Dequiedt 0000-00-00ULg
ScheinokSamanthaSpin trapping du superoxide mitochondrialGallez B.Sonveaux P.0000-00-00UCL
MiglioriEdoardoThe importance of CD4+ follicular helper T cells and tertiary lymphoid structures in the anti-tumor immune response to breast cancerPiccartWillard-Gallo0000-00-00ULB
GodfroidAdrienÉtude du métabolisme de la cellule tumorale et son microenvironnement dans la progression cancéreuse et dans la réponse aux traitementsNor Eddine Sounni0000-00-00ULg
WéryColineLipid droplets: origins and roles upon alterations of the tumor microenvironmentNor Eddine Sounni0000-00-00ULg
DheurMarie-SophieFunctional characterization of T lymphocytes in cutaneous metastases of human melanomaPierre Coulie0000-00-00UCL
HennequartMarcunmasking the signalling pathways responsible for indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) constitutive expression in human cancer cells.Etienne De PlaenBenoit Van den Eynde0000-00-00UCL
MarxSébastienIdentification of chemosensibilizing compounds, inhibiting the TMEM45A proteinPr Johan Wouters Pr carine Michiels0000-00-00UNamur
ToutfaireMarieInteraction between senescent fibroblasts and skin cancer cellsF. Debacq-ChainiauxO. Toussaint0000-00-00UNamur
GenardGéraldineInteractions between co-cultured cancer cells and macrophages after proton beam irradiationCarine MichielsStéphane Lucas0000-00-00UNamur
MBONIMANYAEvaluation de l’activité antiplasmodiale des extraits des plantes réputées antipaludéennes en usage à Bukavu et à UviraProfesseur Caroline StévignyProfesseur Pierre Duez0000-00-00ULB
BlackmanMarineHypoxia in the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironmentB. Van den Eynde0000-00-00UCL
PenninckxSébastienStudy of ROS formation and their involvement in cell death after gold nanoparticle irradiation by fast-ion beamsStéphane LucasCarine Michiels0000-00-00UNamur
LernouxManonRole of the interaction between hTERT and c-Myc in the activation of senescence by epigenetic modulators in cancersCarine MichielsMarc Diederich0000-00-00UNamur
DvorakovaTerezaRole of hypoxia and HIF-1α in the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironmentBenoit Van den Eynde0000-00-00UCL
CanaleAnnalisaStudy of new epigenetic proteins, the TET enzymes, in breast cancersAgnes NoelFrançois Fuks 0000-00-00ULg
SerroukhYasminaTranscriptional and epigenetic regulation of human CD4 lymphocyte cytotoxic functionsArnaud MarchantStanislas Goriely0000-00-00ULB
SmolenKingaVaccine AdjuvantsWillems0000-00-00ULB
StefkovaMartinRegulation of CD4 T-cell repertoire breadth by regulatory T cells in vivo Muriel MoserOberdan Leo0000-00-00ULB
PotembergGeorgesThe Study of the cell cycle of the bacteria Brucella melitensis in vivoXavier de BolleEric Muraille0000-00-00UNamur
D'AriaStefaniametabolism of tumor infiltrating lymphocytesmichel braun0000-00-00ULB
WeichselbaumLauraDeciphering the cellular and molecular mechanisms of innate immune cell dysfunction in cirrhotic patientsStanislas GorielyThierry Gustot0000-00-00ULB
AnciauxMaëlleRôle du facteur de transcription c-Maf dans les régulation des réponses immunes humorales par les lymphocytes T auxiliaires folliculairesFabienne Andris0000-00-00ULB
PapadopoulouMariaTraining of neonatal Vγ9Vδ2 T cellsDavid Vermijlen0000-00-00ULB
DederenStellaStudy of cell communication via microRNA between endothelial and tumoral cells during anti-cancer neoadjuvant therapyIngrid Struman0000-00-00ULg
AZOUZAbdulkader-Stanislas GORIELY0000-00-00ULB
AlalufEmmanuelleImplication de l'hème oxygénase-1 myéloïde dans l'échappement à la réponse anti-tumoraleLe Moine Alain0000-00-00ULB
ZucchiAlessandroImmune response to trypanosoma cruziProfessor Carine Truyens0000-00-00ULB
GivordCharlotteDeciphering the signaling pathways involved in the immunostimulatory properties of the adjuvant system AS03.Stanislas Goriely0000-00-00ULB
HeninCoralieEtude des effets immunomodulateurs du cyclophosphamide dans un modèle tumoral murinMuriel Moser0000-00-00ULB
DucheminAmandineRôle d’HDAC5 dans le mécanisme de maintenance des télomères des cellules ALT+Denis MottetAnabelle Decottignies0000-00-00ULg
SchröderDavidImmunogenicity assessment of antigens originating from genetic instability of non metastatic breast tumors.COULIE Pierre0000-00-00UCL
van marckecedricIdentification of new germline genetic alterations in patients with hereditary breast cancer François Duhoux Miikka Vikkula 0000-00-00UCL
BrochierWaltherImmunogenicity of bladder carcinomaPierre Coulie0000-00-00UCL
ClausMelissamiRNAs and tyrosine kinases in leukemiaViolaine HavelangeJean Baptiste Demoulin0000-00-00UCL
CarpentierCarolineAmélioration des stratégies diagnostiques et thérapeutiques pour le syndrome hyperéosinophliqueFlorence Roufosse0000-00-00ULB
WéraOdileStudy of the role of P2X1 receptors in inflammation-associated thrombosis : a potential target for a novel anti-thrombotic strategy.Cécile OuryPatrizio Lancellotti0000-00-00ULg
BellierJustineDicarbonyl stress in relation with the KRAS gene mutation in colorectal cancerAkeila BellahcèneVincent Castronovo0000-00-00ULg
DedobbeleerOlivierStudy of the expression and function of GARP in human cellsSophie Lucas0000-00-00UCL
Di RuggieroElodieUtilizing zebrafish dor new insights into roles of chemerin in cancer biologyValérie WittamerMarc Parmentier0000-00-00ULB
DumontElodieDevelopment of SERS nanosensors for the detection of active molecules in biological matrices Pr Ph. Hubert Dr E. Ziemons0000-00-00ULg
GallezAnneImpact d'une combinaison oestro-progestative à base d'estétrol sur le développement tumoral mammaire, la dissémination métastatique et le microenvironnement tumoralChristel PéqueuxAgnès Noel0000-00-00ULg
Van den BroekeAnneNRNRNR0000-00-00-ULB
DerenneAlineContribution au développement de nanoparticules pour une thérapie ciblée au muscle squelettiqueDr Frédérique Coppée0000-00-00UMons
TieppoPaolaThe role of hematopoietic stem cell type on the development of human anticancer gd T cellsDavid Vermijlen0000-00-00ULB
CarlierFrançoisReprogramming the epithelium in COPD(temporary)Pr Ch. PilettePr Y. Sibille0000-00-00UCL
DetavernierAurélieStudy of Interleukin (IL)27 expression regulation.Stanislas GorielyOberdan Leo0000-00-00ULB
AugenlichtAliceFunctional and diagnostic characterization of microRNAs in the tumorigenesis and tumor progression of papillary thyroid cancerCarine Maenhaut0000-00-00ULB
RomoaldoGilsonIdentification et quantification de biomarqueurs salivaires d'états emotionnelsBertrand blankertJean Marie colet 0000-00-00UMons
SEMINERIOImeldaInvolvement of human papillomavirus in the biology of head and neck cancersSven SAUSSEZ0000-00-00UMons
GheysenLaetitiaTargeted treatment in thyroid cancerSven SaussezFabrice Journe0000-00-00UMons
VirginieDUDOMERôle de la chémérine dans un modèle de dysfonctionnement musculaire induit par un régime gras. Approche in vitro et in vivoAnne-Emilie DECLEVES0000-00-00UMons
DaweiChenDeciphering the role of lipid transpoters in the Wnt-driven tumor initiation in the intestineAlain Chariot0000-00-00ULg
DaweiChenDeciphering the role of lipid transporters in Wnt-driven tumor initiation in the intestineAlain Chariot0000-00-00ULg
DaemsNoamiHybrid gold nanoparticles coated with organic polymers and antibodies as a platform for cancer theranostics: Cytotoxicity assessment and radioactive dopingProf. Dr. Stéphane Lucas & Dr. Ir. An AertsProf. Dr. Carine Michiels and Dr. Simone Cagno0000-00-00UNamur
DemelenneAliceMicrofluidic electrodriven approaches for the analysis of pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticalsFillet Marianne0000-00-00ULg
DEVAUXALIXImmunotherapy in primitive breast carcinomaPierre CoulieJavier Carrasco0000-00-00UCL
DevalckeneerAudedéveloppement de modèles invertébrés pour l'évaluation et le monitoring du risque sanitaire dans le cadre de la pollutionJean-Marie Colet0000-00-00UMons
SchepkensCorentin1H-NMR-based metabonomic study of the endo-/lysosomal proteostasis in cancer and neurodegeneration - Specific case of transcriptional factor SREBPJean-Marie Colet Johannes Swinnen0000-00-00UMons
DallonsMatthieuMiR-1 dans la cardiotoxicité de la doxorubicineJean-Marie Colet0000-00-00UMons
BertrandCharlotteBloquer l'activation du TGF-b1 par GARP dans les Tregs : une nouvelle approche d'immunothérapie du cancerSophie Lucas0000-00-00UCL
PottierCharlesMetabolic alterations in breast cancerDr Nor Eddine Sounni0000-00-00ULg
PilardCharlotteCombining PD-1/PD-L1 blockade and RANKL inhibitors to treat breast cancers unresponsive to standard therapyPascale HubertMichael Herfs0000-00-00ULg
DoixBastienImmunogenic cell death induction by anticancer photodynamic therapy to enhance radiation-induced immune responsePr. Olivier FeronPr. V Grégoire0000-00-00UCL
CarlierEmericDevelopment of 3D printing implants for sustained-release antibody administrationGoole Jonathan0000-00-00ULB
BellefroidMarineLe role des ADAMs dans la physiopathlogie du mésothéliomeDidier CataldoNatacha Rocks0000-00-00ULg
VanwynsbergheAlineTarget a TF/EMT axis in early metastasisChristine Gilles0000-00-00ULg
EbroinMarieActivation des cellules endothéliales lymphatiques par les cellules tumoralesAgnès Noël0000-00-00ULg
GourgueFlorianObésité & cancer du sein : rôle de l’adipokine apeline dans la progression tumorale et la réponse aux thérapies anti-cancéreusesBénédicte JordanPatrice Cani0000-00-00UCL
LatgéGuillaumeRôle des ARN non-codants dans la régulation de l'expression de p14, p15 et p16 dans le cancer du sein hormono-dépendantVincent BoursGuy Jerusalem0000-00-00ULg
LesenfantsJulieLack of tolerance to MAGE-Type antigensBenoit Van den EyndeNathalie Vigneron0000-00-00UCL
Merli Angela-MariaCaractérisation de profils protéiques associés à la dysplasie colique dans les maladies inflammatoires intestinalesEdouard LouisMarie-Alice Meuwis0000-00-00ULg
langouo fontsamireille dianeRole of follicular helper T cells on breast cancer immunity Piccart Martine0000-00-00ULB
SchoonjansCélinePDK inhibitors to block tumor cell proliferation: Rationale for combined treatment strategies counteracting compensatory mechanisms that sustain tumor growth.Bernard GallezOlivier Feron0000-00-00UCL
Al DelbanyDianaInflammatory chemokines in skin cancerMarc Parmentier0000-00-00ULB
MissaultKevin Lymphocytes T anti-tumoraux dans les carcinomes mammaires primitifs; extension aux lymphocytes T CD4+ et aux carcinomes in situPierre Coulie0000-00-00UCL
DegotteGillesDesign, synthesis and biological evalutation of new antiplasmodial compounds related to ellagic acid.Pr M. FrederichDr P. Francotte0000-00-00ULg
DenyMaudRole of micro-RNAs in gender dimorphism of the inflammatory responseChamekh M.Casimir G.0000-00-00ULB
ManiniGiuseppeRéalisation d'une forme implantable de palmitate de palipéridone amorphe par impression 3DProf. Jonathan GooleJean-Marie Raquez0000-00-00ULB
MenchiElenaDevelopment and evaluation of inhaled formulations comprising a combination of active pharmaceutical ingredients in the treatment of asthma and COPDProf. Karim AmighiProf. Nathalie Wauthoz0000-00-00ULB
DelbartWendyContribution to the understanding of radionuclide therapy with 177Lu-DOTATATE :Patrick Flamen0000-00-00ULB
HuartCamille Reprogramming tumour-associated macrophages with proton irradiation to boost the effects of immunotherapy in pancreatic cancer Prof. C. Michiels0000-00-00UNamur
EvrardJonathanMedical devices-induced thrombosis: How can we prevent it ?Jean-Michel Dogné0000-00-00UNamur
SiriezRomainOptimisation of biological coagulation tests for monitoring direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) - Development of clinical toolsJean-Michel DognéLionel Pochet0000-00-00UNamur
GillardAlisonRole of ozone exposure on cancer progressionProf. Didier Cataldo0000-00-00ULg
JacquesSophieDUSP3 genetic deletion predispose to obesity-induced hepatocellular carcinomaSouad Rahmouni0000-00-00ULg
ArakliotiEleniA new immunotherapeutic strategy against rheumatoid arthritisPr Vincent GeenenPr Bernard Lauwerys0000-00-00ULg
CantiLorenzoThe role of IKKƐ in acute Graft-versus-Host DiseaseProf Frédéric BaronDr Ludovic Belle0000-00-00ULg
Van HulstGlennHeterogeneity of human blood eosinophilsChristophe DesmetFabrice Bureau0000-00-00ULg
RademakerGillesInvolvement of myoferlin in autophagy and metabolic adaptation in pancreas cancerOlivier PeulenVincent Castronovo0000-00-00ULg
CondorelliMargheritaImpact of assisted reproduction technologies and new therapeutic regimens on fertility and oncological outcomes in young breast cancer patientsProf. Isabelle Demeestere0000-00-00ULB
SoumoyLauraNew combinations of targeted therapies in melanomaDr. F. JournePr. S. Saussez0000-00-00UMons
FurgiueleSoniaEtude des effets de la protonthérapie sur les cancers tête et cou en relation avec l’infection par HPV et de sa potentialisation par l’immunothérapie et/ou l’administration de nanoparticulesSven SaussezSophie Laurent0000-00-00UMons
ProcèsAnthonyStudy of the molecular mechanisms of diffuse axonal injury in an in vitro traumatic brain injury model.Laurence RISSylvain GABRIELE0000-00-00UMons
Ribatallada SorianoDidacRole of the stem cell markers Lgr4/Lgr5 in gut homeostasis, regeneration and tumor formation.Dr. Marie-Isabelle Garcia0000-00-00ULB