Immunology Doctoral School Travel Grants



    PhD students registered for the second year (and above) of their PhD program may apply for up to 500 € per academic year. Travel must be directly related to the applicant’s PhD program (Immunology Field). 



    Call opens April 19 and ends June 15, 2018

    Eligible applications should include your CV, a motivation letter, the program/description of the event, a proof of your registration (if available) and a list of other sources of funding (granted or submitted) that would cover the same travel.

    - In your motivation letter, provide a well-composed and compelling argument for the significance of your travel and how it relates to success in your PhD program

    - Ensure that no information is missing from your application

    - Priority for funding will be given to applicants who have been selected for an oral communication. 



    The Travel Grant will cover costs of event registration, airfare (economic), public transportation (trains (economic), etc) and hotels/lodging, not covered by other grants for immunology conferences occurring from May 1st and until October 31st.

    The Travel Grant will not cover the cost of any expense prohibited by the applicant host university policy. Expenses should be paid by credit card.

    Doctoral school will not give travel grant in advance.